Amy was freezing. The bed was too hard, too cold, too small. A flimsy curtain rustled, blocking none of the wheezing, snoring, phlegmy noises emanating from the stranger on the other side.

None of this was new to Amy. She’d ridden overnight trains many times. It always seemed like such a good idea when she was sitting in front of her computer comparing ticket prices. I have to sleep anyway, why not just do it on the train? She’d think, clicking on PURCHASE. That’s how she always managed to find herself in situations like this.

She pulled the burlap textured bedding tightly around her shoulders, as she rolled to the right, inadvertently scraping her knuckles on a piece of metal trim. Inhaling sharply, Amy’s eyes flew open as she bolted upright. Her thick lashes dragged across the inside of the sleeping mask, dislodging a loose one onto her eyeball at the very moment her head cracked into the bunk above her. Amy bit her lip as her face grew hot. Rattling snores filled the sleeping compartment.

She blinked back tears as an idea morphed into a plan. Simultaneously, her despair transformed into murderous rage. In her sleep deprived delirium, Amy realized that she wasn’t helpless here. She could take action to improve her situation. If she couldn’t sleep on the wafer thin foam pillow, then she would use it to silence her cabin mate.

Removing her satin mask with her right hand, she grabbed the pillow with her left and swung her legs gently over the side of the bed. Swiftly and efficiently, she pulled back the curtain, pillow at the ready.

The bed was empty. The snoring had stopped. Amy’s shoulders trembled, then shook.

“Amy, wake up! Your snoring’s keeping me awake,” said her husband, gently shaking her shoulders.

Written for: Daily Flash Fiction Challenge
Prompt: Train, curtain, sleep
Word Count: 300