True Fairy Tale

Far away, in the land of Navos, lived a warrior princess. Armed with her dark curls and her patent leather peep-toe pumps, she fought mightily against the forces of evil seeking to destroy her people. She was both clever and tireless. Adored by her minions, she used patience and skill to lead the kingdom to glory.

One sad day, having ventured far from her big, powerful, kingdom, she was discovered by a small tribe of grubby younglings. Underestimating their great power, she soon fell under their relentless enchantments. They whisked her back to their land so she could use her dark curls and shiny pumps to bring their people glory, too.

The kind people of Navos mourned her loss, but carried on with the strength she had given them. They knew that their warrior princess would help the younglings to grow wise and strong.

And both kingdoms lived happily ever after.


Author’s Note:

This story came about when I was asked to contribute to a going away display for my boss. She had recently realized that her children were growing up without her and decided to set aside her successful career to stay home with them. No one was happy to see her go, although many were happy for her. Art is not my greatest skill, so I simply filled up my allotted piece of paper with the words above.