Golden Years

What am I going to do with all that zucchini? Hank asked himself as he pulled on his garden gloves. It would be hot later, but this morning the air was cool and dew rested on the plants.

At least the weeds weren’t too bad. He pulled them as he ruminated on his predicament. Last summer, before he retired, he had found himself in the same boat. Back then he just brought the extras to work.

Done weeding, he moved on to harvesting and thought, maybe I need a different hobby. Gardening isn’t much fun without someone to share the bounty with. 

Then he remembered he did have another hobby, the book club. Just two meetings so far, but he met Delores there and she was nice.

Maybe she’d like some zucchini! He would find her number on the book club roster and give her a call. Peeling off his gloves and tossing the dirty ball on top of his harvest, he picked up the basket and headed for the house.

The phone was ringing and he hurried to catch it. “Howdy,” he said, catching his breath.

“Hank? It’s Deloris. From the book club? My garden has been blessed with zucchini this year and I’ve done up a nice basket just for you. When would be a good time for me to bring it over?”

Hank was stunned. There went his plan for all those zucchinis. Then again, chatting with Deloris wasn’t so bad. He kinda liked it, actually. Plus, she thought of him. “Why that’s mighty thoughtful of you. I’m here right now. Hows about you head on over and I’ll put on a pot of coffee.”

“That sounds lovely,” said Deloris.

Hank found himself whistling as he hid his harvest in the garage and put on the coffee.

Author’s Note:

Attentive readers might recognize the bold words from last week’s story, Washed Up. These were both inspired by the same prompt. When I began this one, I was thinking of the recipe for zucchini boats but clearly that was not the story that wanted to be written.

This is the story I entered in the flash fiction contest and, although it didn’t win, I received several positive reviews on it.